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February 19, 2007


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I love this yoyo. The directions are great. My only question is how long is the heart from top to bottom? When I copy I can not get on a sheet of paper.
Thank you
Nancy in IN

Anne Baxter

Thank you so much for a delightful tutorial. I must go and try this! Hugs :)


Thank you so much for your tutorial.

Two years after you first loaded the tutorial, crafters are still coming to your blog to learn from it. Today the link was posted to a large quilting list on YahooGroups - CyberQuilters.

TA DA does it translate for 'voilà'?

TA DA [meaning there you are - finished] wouldn't fool an english language spellchecker into writing 'viola' for 'voilà!'

I hope this helps.

If the automatic translations are corrected by people who speak both languages the robots will learn the technical terms needed for the crafts we love.


I so want to learn how to make yoyo's.
do you make your own patterns?


Thanks for this, I have always wondered the secret of the heart. It's the magic stitch on top! Now I need to find the time to make that heart garland I dream about!

charlie pOp

i'm french !
i'm discovering your blog and your lovely tutorials, this one is gonne be done this evening, i think ! :)
about automatic translators, that's less difficult to read in english than to try and understand the french translation ! :D
by the way, i don't know why but most bloggers tell 'viola' for 'voilà !' ;)
and now, i'm gonna look a little forward in your amazing blog...


Love this tutorial, how darling cute they are! Great idea, so thanks for sharing!


merci pour ce que vous donnez de votre savoir-faire!

Penny Sanford Fikes

Hi Bettsi (Love the way you spell your name!) How did your Heart YoYo turn out? Do you have a photo? blog? Please share!


How delightful! Thank you, Miss Penny! I look forward to trying this. I think my little Hitty would enjoy something made with heart yo-yos!

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