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March 22, 2007


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How do you get the free patterns for the slip over dog bandanas?

Penny Sanford Fikes

Laughing with Anina! Annie was in the background posing and trying to be part of the photo. She is accustomed to being our model! *grin*

I've got a picture of Belle, one of the English Shepherds, modeling this collar slipcover before I decided to add some more embroidery. I should post it also.

The English Shepherds are getting jealous that they are not photographed as much as they were BW (before Westies). Somewhere I read an "expert" proclaim that dogs don't get jealous. HA! Our dogs can be jealous at the drop of a hat!

Give Syd an ear scratch for me!

Penny Sanford Fikes

Hey Lettie! Not "nosy"....you and I just like to learn! Working on another post I hope to have up tonight. I'll probably do a tutorial this weekend for the buttonhole thingy and show a picture of those Pinking Shears! LOL Thanks for your encouraging words!


Hi Penny,
I'm in awe at your new designs. Love the embroidery work. Just lovely. Mackie is a cutie and such a patient and outstanding model for your new creations.
You had me wondering about what others are calling pinking shears. I checked Fiskars website and they still refer to it as pinking shears. I'd be interested to know if it goes by another name too just because I'm nosy like that! Maybe curious is a better word. LOL
Happy creating!


Very cute! But then you already know that... :-D

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