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May 19, 2007


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Juanita Ashley

Penny, this is so georgous--are you making it? If so, what colors are you using? Anyway, it will be a "star"--Pam needed to enter this in the Paducah show!! Juanita

Heather Babb

Hi Penny, well at last I have completed one corner of the quilt, it was a bit daunting at first, but once I got going, I didn't want to stop. I shall e-mail over a photo of it shortly.

Our quilting group are impressed with the pattern, but hand applique work is not something that is very big over here, well not at our club. I have not worked out why as it's something that you can take with you and do almost anywhere.

We have a quilt quest (exhibition) of quilts in one of our local villages (Wickham Market, Suffolk) on 28th July, we are praying for good weather, as some of the quilts will be displayed outside in trees and from balconies of houses and shops in the village square. I shall be demonstrating hand applique - well it's one way of doing what I want in the lovely surroundings of quilts and like minded people. I shall display two quilts that I made for two of my great nephews who are both wheelchair users, they don't know that they are getting these quilts and will be presented with them at the end of the exhibition.
Heather B

Heather Babb

Hi Penny, well the colours have been chosen, starting with cream/white in the centre and moving through yellow and oranges to reds. The four corners and side triangle will be cream/white with red etc flowers.

I have been washing fabric, dashed out to buy more template plastic, cutting out the pattern and today have started cutting the fabric. It will take a while to get the pieces cut for the flowers, but once that is one, I can get started.

For the flower stems I am using my 'clover' bias maker and most of the stems are now ready.

So all in all I should be able to begin the quilt in a day or so.

We have visitors to our village school from Kenya during the next two weeks and I am involved in assisting with entertaining them. Mostly by preparing food and ensuring that they are not at a loose end.

I have this plan of sitting in the summer house with my hand sewing while listening to the radio.

I shall take photos on the way and will let you have them as soon as they are taken, starting with the stack of cut out fabric.
Be in touch soon.
Heather B

Lois Ames

I have the August 2003 copy in my e-bay store, plus some others and will be adding more as time goes on. Lois



Hi Heather and Anina! I won't be starting this one for a little bit. The one pieced BOM and one Red and Green Applique BOM are a nice challenge, and I may be starting another applique AND pieced kit as soon as it arrives in the mail. The store shipped it on the 16th, and I am all a-twitter with excitement!

I'm thinking yellows for this lone star......Anina's beautiful blues that she used in her recent log cabin quilt would also be beautiful! I've seen this quilt or something similar in about six colorways, and each of them is stunning!

Please share the colors you choose, Heather. I'd also love to hear what your quilt friends say. Are quilting trends in the UK much different that what you see in American quilting magazines?


That's so pretty. I don't think I have the patience for all that detail.
Love the banner, by the way.

Heather Babb

Hi Penny, thank you for finding the magazine for me, it was so easy compared to your search. I have purchased it through ebay, and now await delivery - this could be a while, the magazine is in USA and I'm in UK!
I'm still not sure about colours but as soon as I get the magazine, I shall take it along to our local P&Q shop/club - Quilters Haven - and discuss it at length, with others.


Heather, I just saw another copy of this issue on eBay. I searched on "American Patchwork Quilting", and I saw it under the "Buy It Now" section. Let me know if you need me to go back and find the exact link!

When you choose your colors, please share a picture! It is fun to see how different a quilt can look with different colors!


Heather Babb

Wow, this quilt is beautiful, I am now searching for the magazine, at least I have a bit more to go on than you had.

My mind is now playing with colours! Reds, blues, greens, yellows, browns, cream and white. Ooh, I'm not sure which is the biggest challenge, finding the magazine or deciding on colours.

Thank you for sharing this with me.
Heather Babb - UK

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