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July 04, 2007


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Penny Sanford Fikes

Hi Christi! I'm thrilled if one of my "real life" experiments can help you out. Depending on the size of your hammer, you may want the larger 18.5 inch tool tote. I love my 14 inch one, but I can tell I need the 18.5 inch one. For a full-size heavy hammer, I think you will want the larger one.

The little tote can be top-heavy (probably because of what I have in it), so I must always sit it down on a flat surface.

No longer do I have to search among my Yellow Tupperware Sewing Project Boxes for "this or that" tool or thread. The little drawer is perfect-for-me for those thin packages of needles that can so easily be lost.

Yes, I am enjoying the little Clover iron. It is like a curling iron, and it has a cute little stand that holds it up while heating or between pressing pieces. I'll have to take more photos. It does not get VERY hot, so for a serious crease in my fabric, I have to go to a "real" iron to smooth.

Great to hear from you Christi. Please share your blog address so that I can come "visit" you!



You are a godsend. I was looking into the bucket tool kit that I've used on many a film shoot and thinking how can I downsize this to work at my new job as a gallery visual merchandiser. I saw a comment that you posted on my son's Flickr page and linked back to your site (which I love) and voila! here's my answer. I don't need that big bucket, but I still need a place to store my tack hammer, Goo Gone and grip tape. Thank you so much for sharing. I also am racking my brain about how I can use that little iron...

Penny Sanford Fikes

Hi there, Mary Ann! You may have a distributor in Denmark. I still love mine....now two weeks after settling into it. That is kind of a benchmark.....still liking it after two weeks of use. LOL I still want the larger one with the lazy-susan bottom that lets it twirl around. When I looked on the AMM website, I did not see a yellow one.....and I could not find an email address to send that suggestion (for a yellow one) to the company! *grin*
Denmark has a special place in my heart! I have some wonderful friends in Denmark, and one of these days, Gordon and I plan to come visit them. (They have not met Gordon yet). How did you celebrate July 4th? Far too few people realize that outside of the United States, Denmark has the largest July 4th celebrations because of Denmark's historically close ties to the U.S.

Aaaahh, you have re-awakened such fond memories of my Danish friends and learning Danish customs, artists, designers, etc. I'll have to blog about that closer to Christmas! Thanks, Mary Ann!


Mary Ann

Penny, that is one CUTE tote!! I think I may have to have one of those!! Thanks for posting the link! Mary Ann in Denmark


It looks like you're ready to take your crafting anywhere now! What fun!

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