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October 01, 2007


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iam loking for a little white terreier because they are loving and cute and small and i love to u have one very much


Oh my God, are you fostering all of them?! Penny, you and your husband totally rock!!! This is so funny because earlier today I was reading a dog board I've been posting to for years and thinking how most of us there feel the same about rescue (something to do) and breeding our dogs (don't do it) and how I wished I would see that message spread to other boards and blogs where dogs were not always the subject. You now, as a way to educate people. And now I come to your blog and see this. You just made my week! :)

Junie Moon

They are all gorgeous and what a blessing you rescued them--the poor little things. This was an eye-opener as I did not know breeders treated animals like puppy-making machines. The fact they didn't even have names is a clue to their care. Good for you in helping them--this really makes my heart full.

Vickie Claflin

Penny, You are a doll! It's wonderful when these little guys leave paw prints across your heart. I'm also glad to see that Annie and Mackey are thriving on your farm. I can't think of anyone more loving than you to have adopted them.

I would like to respond to Ann Washburn's comments about breeders. Penny got the ten Westies from a puppy mill, not a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders never mass produce, rather, they strive to perfect the breed (both in appearance and health). We need to educate the public that when they buy a dog from a pet store, they are supporting puppy mills. Reputable breeders never sell their dogs retail. Take a look at www.capitalpaws.com to access many links that will teach about the differences between puppy-mills, back-yard breeders and reputable breeders who show their dogs and breed only the champions.

Love to you Penny and the work you do for our little Westies.

Vickie Claflin, Maryland Westie Rescue

Anne Burton Washburn

Wow, they are SO CUTE! I love how they are working to become part of your FAMILY . I also love how they loved the grass. I can't imagine someone keeping them on concrete!!



Wow! What fun. Why would someone just dump a bunch of cute little dogs? This is why I don't buy from breeders, just people who raise puppies from their pets in their homes.

Jenna Z

A Saint, you are a saint! Anyone involved with rescue has a special place in my heart but to take in 8 at once, you deserve a medal!


Wow, I love my dogs (well only one left now), but I can't image caring for so many at one time. Still they are so cute! Good for you!

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