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December 29, 2007


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I've made some bowls inspired by the trencher and dough formats, check them out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Twinwoodcarving

hope you enjoy, joe


chisel and gauge carving are fine but if you had a accident with tools of the bush carver ( chain saws ) full throttle, then arms and legs watch out! you can save a lot more time by fully carving out your bowls with the chain saw, but I suppose you get attached to you arms and legs , oh well! Start small, slowly, gain interest and skills and have a ball ..... I still have five fingers on each hand so far. Just a few scarrs though.
later, from Oz, Jim

Penny Sanford Fikes

Thanks, Jackie! Muscles are fine...good as new!

Please keep me posted on your dough bowl progress! You are fortunate to have spent so much time with your dad in his woodworking shop!

I've been surprised by the number of family dough bowl stories I've started hearing because of this post! Seems many folk have an emotional response to dough bowls...and here I thought I was some strange pioneer-girl-wannabe! LOL


I am jealous that you are carving your own bowl. :o) Now I want to make one of my own. I will have to wrustle down my Dad for a good piece of wood next time I am home. My Dad is a woodworker and I have always loved to hang out with him in his workshop.
I hope your aching muscles heal quickly.


Thanks, June. You are always such an encourager!

I'm apparently none the worse for wear this morning. The shoulder and arm muscles are just fine, and the hand is better. I'm good-to-go for another interesting wood-carving lesson this afternoon! Stay tuned...


What an amazing new adventure to try--carving your own dough bowl. I'm so sorry you've injured yourself and hope all is well soon.

Using something made from your own land-source is a wonderful gift. I love the whole concept.

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