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January 13, 2008


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June Givler

I loved the story of the red quilt and it made me sad as well. These things do happen in real life. Things that people have treasured get put aside, and then younger people who have no history about them or feeling discard these items as crazy and worthless. I had a grandmother who lived with us after my Dad and Mother bought the farm from her. She had a sense that everything belonged to her and gave some cut crystal to an Aunt and it was my parents wedding gifts. Then she throw away and burned pictures that my brother and I drew in gradschool, but kept a drawer full of bra and girdle parts that would never ever be used in ten million years. She threw out antiques after my grandfather died that would have been a lot of money. She thought it was all junk. How I wish I had some of that stuff. I like old stuff and it has a life of its own. Thanks, Penny for the great story. I'm going to try and find the true story of the quilt that you indicated. Hope I can find it. June Paulson Givler


Penny, I absolutely love the story of the red quilt - so evocative. I've always felt that quilts tell a story and could only hope to learn that story in some fashion. I love wrapping up in the quilt made for me by my grandmother - I always feel she is hugging me when I do that. I will definitely keep reading your blog to "hear" more from the quilts!


What a sweet story, Penny. I loved reading it and that red-and-white quilt is fantastic.


What fun! You are a talented story teller.
Who would throw away quilts???


Very nice, Penny!


WOW ~ what a wonderful story except I want more. I need to know more of what happened before, more of what happens next. You are a wonderful writer. I'm just shocked that anyone would throw away quilts.

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