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March 01, 2008


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Penny Sanford Fikes

Congratulations, Barb in Florida! The book is on its way to you!

Thanks to everyone who emailed or posted. I love hearing from you, and yes, I am hopelessly behind in responding to my emails. Please forgive me. I keep trying!

There will be other freebies. Yep, I need a more challenging question for next time. Y'all are better at keeping up with me than I am! *smile*



Well, I am not the first but just to let you know I love your site and read it religously....I thought you were working on three squares for quilt....especially when in the hospital with Mom. I will have to check my reading list for Alice. She is one of my favorite people...and loves books as well as I do. Magic.


okay so I posted in a hurry without reading the whole post (hanging my head in shame) and I have to admit that I had to go back thru to find what you are currently working on. My memory is not what it used to be. I came up with Roosting Robins, Baltimore Blue BOM (my favorite) and the on line block swap. I really have been reading your blog for a while. It's all set up in my google reader so I know when you've posted something new! Thanks.


Am I first???? I'm so excited. I never win anything. Love seeing your blog!

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