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May 23, 2008


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Lisa B. Cook

Very cute. We have a cat who does patrol. He walks the porch, asks to come in, checks the food bowls and goes back out. Nearly two weeks ago he put his nose in a place he shouldn't have and came out with what the Vet thinks is a snake bite. His left cheek is falling off, but recovery for Thomas Jefferson should be good. Due to Jim's (dear hubby) chemo treatments, Thomas resides at the Vet Clinic until he is safe (bacteria free) to come home. Thomas is my snuggle bunny at night, we spoon!

Major Mackie Fikes

Hello Miss Susan:

What rank does your Mackie hold in the World Wide Westie Special Forces? Tell him to contact me on the Westie Frequency, and we can share a few barks.

Private Rosalie brought in another field mouse this morning. For a cat, that fur ball does a decent job. If she keeps this up, she might make Corporal in a year or two.

Warm Regards,
Major Mackie
Station Hamer Hills Farm


Major Mackie, thanks for your report. I always love the Westie stories. Since I have my own Mackie-boy!!!! Keep up the good work

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