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July 21, 2008


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I have a small collection of Susanes pottery I would like to sell. About 9 items. I have collected them at Summer Fair in Cincinnati Ohio over the years. My situation is forcing me to sell. qwazx@aol.com


I know of her connection to Mississippi. Her mother was raised in Crystal
Springs, Ms. She and my grandmother were sisters.

Sean O'Connell

I spoke with Susan just last week. She sounds very well. She also said she doesn't travel to craft fairs any more, however she gave me her e-mail address and promised to put me on her e-mail list. She delives pottery to a number of shops here in the South. Her e-mail address is svb@bham.rr.com
I really enjoy her lovely work and hope you will have an opportunity to do so, too.
Sean O


I've been collecting/buying her pieces for years as gifts. I bought my first piece for myself on Monday. According to another potter who is a friend of hers. Susan has become very reclusive. She lost her husband and business partner and it makes it very difficult and lonely to attend festivals. People have wanted to make connections to buy more pieces, but she is reluctant to increase her workload. And she only delivers so many pieces a year to any locale she does do business with. So I think that if you have these pieces take good care because they are becoming very rare indeed. P.S. the MS Craft Center in Jackson, MS is a good source for buying her work - but they go rather quickly too.

Arnold Reichert

I forgot to say that we are going today to Sanford University Art gallery to see Susan's works and the other artists showing there at the 1000 Pounds of Clay top 50 clay artists of Alabama show. If other people want to see the show it's on until the 25th of September 2009

Arnold Reichert

Susan teaches at Cahaba Clay Works in Leeds, Al. My wife, herself an art teacher, and I were VERY blessed to take a throwing class there from Susan. What a wonderful lady she is and VERY patient and helpful. If anyone ever gets a chance to take a throwing class from her TAKE IT! All of the potters that work at Cahaba Clay Works were very eager to help us and seemed to enjoy our interest in their wonderful art. Susan's art is GREAT just like Susan!


Just bought several pieces at the New Morning Gallary in Ashville NC.
Lots to choose from, but limited pieces with lids

Cenda Price

We found "suSans" yesterday at the Canebrakes Gift Shop right next door to Bluff Hall in Demopolis, Alabama. We purchased our first one from Susan directly about 20 years ago at an arts festival on Cahaba Road in Birmingham, found one piece on ebay by accident, and were delighted to find these pieces yesterday.

Tracy Brewster

Hi Penny,

I am from Clinton Mississippi and was in the MS Craftsman Center yesterday. I tried to get Susan's information but they refused to give it out, they said that she gets very upset if they do. I do not know how much she is doing now, they only had a few pieces. She doesn't do shows but they did say if I couldn't find her they would call her and have her call me back. I have a little lamp that my mother bought me years ago at Chimneyville, I am older and want a big lamp now:)


This week, I bought two Susan Freeman pieces at Cahaba Clayworks in Leeds, AL. Not sure if she does any work there or just sells out of their gallery. You could probably contact them to find out. http://www.cahabaclayworks.com/

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