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July 02, 2008


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Donna Jones

Hi Penny. Remember me? Sam and I used to do the Rosalie website. I wanted to tell you that I purchased Natchez Clay teaching studio from Conner Burns. (www.connerburns.com). He is having an open house Thanksgiving weekend, but he is open by appointment also.
We have several really good potters at our studio. I don't have any of their work featured on our website yet. (www.natchezclay.com) The photos on the front page are from our Intermediate class. Pumpkins! We had so much fun making them.
Just wanted to say hello! I found your blog when I was looking around for places to post my workshops for 2009.
Let me know if you want to be invited to our Papa Noelle Christmas sale at the studio - December 4th. We are now on the corner of Clifton and Madison.
Hope all is well with you.
Donna Jones

Penny Sanford Fikes

More David Morgan here:

Be sure to click on "More Pictures" to see more of his beautiful work!

Penny Sanford Fikes

Ohhh, Teresa.......Thank you for the recommendation! I found photos of some of David Morgan's work here: http://www.mudfire.com/surfacing-2006.htm

One has to scroll down until you find his name followed by some scrumptious pictures.

I definitely have to have a piece of his work. That first bowl would fit right into my collection! Usually I collect bowls, vases or pitchers (which can also be used as vases)...pieces which can be used as centerpieces.

If I don't run across a website for him or an email or phone, I may ask you to share those with me privately. He does beautiful, beautiful work!

Many thanks for letting me know about him! You are a very thoughtful neighbor!


teresa (maggiegracecreates)

I have been a reader for some time - new comment though. Potter recommendation - my neighbor - David Morgan - from danielsville georgia.

David lives and has his studio near me. Great guy. Lovely work.

Not a potter but still a very talented family of artists - the bendzunas glass family - their studio is in my hometown.

Lovely people as well.

I enjoy coming here - may all the rpoblems work themselves out smoothly.

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