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August 14, 2008


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With all your caregivers (the 4 and 2 legged), you'll be up and about in no time. Hoping for a speedy recovery.


Poor Penny, please tell her I'm thinking positive thoughts for a quick recovery. And aren't you a sweetheart for helping and being so understanding!

Elaine/Muddling Through

Oh, Penny, I am SO sorry. It is just miserable to fall. One minute all is well in your world and then the next it is definitely NOT. What a good thing that you have so many able and talented nurses. :) I'm believing God for your quick recovery!

Vicki O

Oh Penny that fall sounds terribly painful and I do hope you get lots of TLC from your loved ones.
I don't quite get the correlation of a football coin toss and your slipping on a wet bathroom floor so I look forward to you coming back and telling the stories of your life :-)
although I think "hubby" was thoughtful to fill us in!!!!


Ouch Penny. I know those Westie nurses and your darling husband are taking great care of you. Please rest and get well ~ We miss you!


Penny, so sorry about your fall, BUT so very glad it wasn't any worse. Glad you didn't break anything. What were you doing--trying some Olympic gymnastics?


Prayers for a speedy recovery. It doesn't sound like much fun.

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