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September 01, 2008


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Penny - I share your sentiments exactly. I'm so proud to be a true North Carolina native with family history going back to the ride over and landing in Jamestown Va. then heading down to North Carolina. We do not need to be lumped together - I'm proud of who I am and I'm proud of my ancestors.
Those photographs - well, they're great and keep up the good work.

Vicki O

My husband and I only visited a small part of your state when we spent February 2008 in Gulf Shores AL, so I am really enjoying your pictures, perspective, and loyalty. Maybe because I lived many early, formidable years in Ontario, Canada, I have no true loyalty to any particular state but I sure love the US. Every state my husband and I visit I want to move and experience it. Although I was born in Michigan and have spent my entire adult years here, I honestly think I belong in the south because I can barely tolerate winter anymore! Thanks for your writings.

LaNelle Renfroe Johnson

It is 2:07 a.m., in Southern California and I am sitting here reading your blog of Sept 1 and August 31. It is amazing how much you do each day, and you are a wonderful writer and a truly caring and thoughtful human being. I am praying that you will regain strength in your right arm quickly. In the meantime, keep up your wonderful spirit.

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