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October 05, 2008


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Well the three of you, Nan, Jenna and Pati, are just TOO SMART for your britches!

Nan guessed Madison correctly. Jenna guessed steak fajitas correctly, and Pati guessed Fajitas at Chili's!

Send me your address privately via email, and I will send you each a piece of my original porcelain jewelry.

I'm very impressed! But how did you know they were steak fajitas instead of chicken, Jenna? That's super smart!

This was fun! I'll have to have more little mystery contests in the future. Thanks for playing along!



Don't know the name, but will guess it is in Madison where Mayor Mary Hawkins makes all business adhere a strict code. We sometimes joke about the policy there, but no one can dispute the success of the town of Madison.

Jenna Z.

I will guess Applebees in Ridgeland! And I think you had steak of some sort. Oh wait, I see lettuce and tomato! Steak fajitas!


You ate fajitas at Chili's.......

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