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March 23, 2009


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Ann L.

I love the blog postings and pictures (priceless one with Unc and the new baby)! She is really fitting in. No spats with the other girls? That is amazing to me since my Daisy had to establish her dominance with the others in the beginning. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Angelyn McCaulla

What a precious baby girl.

Robin Crider

Once again your post has given my life pause. Knowing God!
hugs and smiles Robin

Vicki O

Loving post Penny.

Kathie D

as someone who is owned by a Gaelic Pride Westie, all I can say is that your GPW will magically emulate the best traits of those Rainbow Bridge Westies who sent her to you. I also have had this uncanny experience of my GPW Brodie channeling the spirit of my late Westie Duffy, even though they never met. You have a precious little ball of furlove there, enjoy!

Martha Beck

Wonderful posts and pics! Welcome home Jenny B!!


When I saw the first picture of Jenny B, I thought she had Annie's smile!!!

She looks like a ball of LOVE that needs to be shared!!

Susan, Capt Mackie, Chelsea

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