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July 29, 2009


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Facebook seems faceless to me in relation to the robotic effects of FARCEbook trying to protect themselves from what their farcebots consider is 'spam'. One might have thought that people would use the same message on a large portion of friends saving time on re-writing BUT not FARCEbook who see it as a dangerous action. Sadly their farcebots can't tell the difference from adverts and social connectivity of human beings - though one could think that checking up on private messages sent to friends to invite them to connect fell outside the scope of control and into the scope of privacy.
Of course don't get me started on someone being disabled not getting the right of reply - defending themselves with being able to collect their history and not knowing what the hell they've been 'disabled' - 'crippled' - cut off or whatever else you'd like to call it. I don't know if anyone's read Franz Kafka 'The Trial" but it certainly seemed poignant to me FARCEbook appears very Kafkaesque. Faceless farce book!


another one of my groups had this happen just the other day! Facebook closed down our group. And we all hit Facebook with emails and the group's been reopened. Crazy stuff. I will hit Facebook with loads of emails from all my friends. Glad to be of help!


Glad to see you back on-line. Hope that means you feel better. Hope Facebook lets you back in!!

Susan, Capt Mackie, and Chelsea


Email sent, good luck!

Sharee Brewer

Be glad to gal.



Penny, I have a friend who updated her status too often and her Facebook account was suspended. She could log in but couldn't leave any comments anywhere. It was really stupid. At the time, we couldn't find any way of contacting Facebook. She had to wait it out and eventually she was able to use her account again. I will email Facebook on your behalf and I'm going to ask a few of my blogging (and quilting) friends to do the same.

Penny Sanford Fikes

Mary Frances, thank you so much! There are hundreds, probably thousands of people who have experienced something similar from Facebook. SO frustrating! Thank you so much for helping me be a "squeaking wheel". Hopefully I too can be reinstated!


Mary-Frances Main

Done. What idiots. I have emailed and tried to be nice about it! :)

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