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March 08, 2010


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Marge Campbell

I found one similar pattern in the Martha's quilt booklets.. North Carolina Rose. Only difference is the buds on the outside of the wreath...NC Rose has actual closed buds, this quilt does not. The book is from the 1930's.

Cynthia Collier


The pattern is called "Wreath of Roses" and was designed by Marie Webster. It is on the cover of "Marie Webster's Garden of Quilts" by Rosalind Webster Perry and Marty Frolli. The pattern is on page 67. Hope this is helpful!

Marge Campbell

Penny, I have some of those booklets that were ordered from newspapers...I'll check to see if it's in there...I think I saw a wreath similar to this. I am not a huge fan of applique, so would not have looked that closely.
This looks more like a pansy or wild rose pattern.
It will be a bit (day or so), as I am still using walker & unable to do a lot...but DH did make me a ramp to get into sewing room & outdoors...yay!


Penny, I think it's a rose wreath.


Beautiful quilt. I would love to locate the pattern too!!!.

How are Major Mack and his troops? We haven't had an update on them recently.

Capt Mack and Chelsea say hello.

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