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June 03, 2011


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Michele Colaner

OH PENNY!!! SUCH A GREAT IDEA--you knooooowwwww--we got brand new washer and dryer last year? REALLY nice ones too!! but the washer seemed like it was just TEARING UP my wash rags and towels!! i told my husband that i was thinking about binding them just so they would last longer!!! YOU HAVE TO KNOW I MADE HIM LOOK AND READ YOUR BLOG POST!!! HAHAHA
i said--SEE??? GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE--but the better person actually DOES IT--like YOU did sweetie!! haha!
so, NOW i think you should post pictures of how to bind a quilt--BY HAND!!! :-)
or are you gonna make me google it?
thanks a bunch for inspiration!

i reckon i'll just use the sewing machine

Nan Harvey

Great idea, Penny! They are so attractive. I have a question -- is the binding cut on the bias or on the straight of the fabric?

Caity O'Connor

Good idea! Once I unearth my sewing room (arrrgh!) I will have to give this a go. These all look so pretty!

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