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September 07, 2011


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I couldn't hear the Podcast due to a hearing impairment. I was so heartsick to see your post. I am so sorry Penny. Lilibeth always stole my heart. I am so sorry about Belle. Even though I could not hear the Podcast I can't stop crying thinking about the loss. My hugs, and prayers are with you, Gordon & Unc.

Maggie Lewin and Toby Westie

Bless you Penny and Gordon - I feel your pain and I know how hard it is but you gave these little ones such love and such joy - and will continue to do so with the other lucky fur kids that are in your lives.

Marnie Filsell

Thank you Penny and Gordon for all you do for your babies. Lilibeth was so lucky to have had you come into her life. I am sorry wee Jenny is fretting but I know with your love, she will slowly adjust. I wasn't aware that you also had English Sheepdogs, my goodness what a delightful place your home must be. I am sorry you have lost Belle but knowing that each of your babies gets the love they do once you find them makes knowing that they have gone to God a little easier. It's the little ones that pass away never having found love that is most heartbreaking. Bless Fond thoughts Marnie

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